Types of quizzes

Types of quizzes

You can put some variation in your quizzes with practical tests.

But you can also put some variation in your quiz in other ways. What I tried on a bachelor party once,
is to divide the players in 2 teams, and let them play against each other. Make more or less equal teams,
and let them chose a captain. The captain tells you the eventual answer the team has agreed on, and also tells you who will do a certain test.
Make sure every member of a team has done a test before a certain player can do his second. That way
everybody gets involved and you avoid one player doing multiple while the quiet ones do none. I use the
word test here because the quiz had some practical tests in them. But also some questions that could be
solved by the team, I gave them a few minutes to discuss and then asked the captain for the answer.

There are also different ways to go through the questions. You could just go to the next question one after
another until your through. That's ok, but it is also fun to work with a dice, and let the players roll the
number of questions to skip (once you are at the end of your questions, just restart and skip the already
done questions). If there are some practical questions in your list for 'later in the evening' where you require
the players to be already in the mood (probably some alcohol will be involved) like practical questions that
involve singing, its better to skip them too at this point.

I bought a set of these dices in the local fantasy store. I used a D20 (20 sided dice) to let them throw.
It's even more fun because they never saw such a weird dice and certainly wanted to try it. Of course a
regular D6 (the normal 6 sided dice) will do. After all, rolling dice is fun.

When you are not playing with teams, after a question, you should let each player write his answer on
paper, and once they are ready ,ask one of them what they answered. e.g. 'John, what did you make of it ?'
If that player answered, then you tell the answer to the group and ask them who has it right. The next
question you ask somebody else, make sure everybody has his turn.