Practical Quiz Questions

Practical Quiz Questions

Not all questions are pen and paper. You could easily put some variation into the questions with some small tests.


Here are some ready to use practical tests! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

I did these tests when I was playing a quiz with 2 teams (you might notice this on my writing), but of course chose your own formula as you please. The match test for instance is also often played in big groups where you just pass the match along.

tip: Nowadays tv also understands what real fun is. There is the tv show 'minute to win it' it is a show that lets people do silly little games for a lot of money. Check them out on youtube, they are a great source of ideas!
Ice ice baby
ice quiz test
I did this test once when we were playing in teams. Each team needed to chose a victim for this test, and then the 2 players matched each other. Here's how it goes: Give each player an ice cube and then he should melt it by keeping it in one hand. The one who melts it first wins. If one of the 2 players can't hold it anymore or breaks the rules, he's lost. Don't underestimate this one, and keep the camera's rolling ;)
the Match test
match quiz test

For this test, you need a match and a candle. The player who starts holds the match between his fingers backwards, so with the burnable sulfur side to the back between his fingers. He now has to put the wooden side in the flame of the candle, until the match has a little flame burning (and the game master has seen this). Then he can blow it out and pass it to his opponent (in case of a one on one). The one who burns his fingers loses. Of course in the beginning there is still a lot of wood, so the first player could keep the flame burning as long as he pleases to make it more exciting. Also provide a piece of paper, because after the player had a visible flame, he can blow out the match, and turn it against the paper to get rid of the coal.

hanoi quiz test
hanoi quiz test self made
Make your own Towers of Hanoi game and let the players solve the problem while you measure the time. When a player is trying, of course his opponent can not watch so he should wait somewhere else. I was surprised how few people only know this.The rules: They can use only one hand. Can not put big blocks on smaller blocks and should move the 4 (or 5) blocks from pile 1 to pile 3 (as you can see in the animated picture)
Alcohol test
alcochol quiz test
Make your own cocktail (use about 5 drinks doesn't matter its alcoholic or not), give both teams a glass , and give them some time to write on paper what they think is in there.
Music maestro
music quiz test

Let the players chose one person in their team for this test. He will get a headphone and you will start a song. He can only sing along with the music, and the rest of his team has to guess what song it is (singer/group or title of the song (or both) is up to you, just communicate this clearly to the team before the song starts.Also, don't put the music too loud or the players will hear it.

waldo quiz test
Do you know the game find waldo ? You should get a picture of find waldo (like this one) and print it out. Then you give each player (one in each team) a copy with the picture downwards. On your mark, they can turn the page and start looking for waldo! If they found it , they have to shout and should already have their finger on waldo (it gets pretty hectic ;)). The team who finds waldo first wins.


Quiz test

Give a player a word, and he should draw it on a piece of paper without saying a thing. His team members can shout what they think it is. When they found it, stop the clock! Now its the other team's turn. Although its fun, only let each team do about 3 words. (e.g. microwave, orange juice)


Quiz test

A bit like pictionary, but now they should portray the word given. (e.g. water balloon, bugs bunny). This is also very fun to do.
Building  Paper tower Give the teams some paper (a news paper or just one page) and let them build the highest possible tower withing a certain timeframe. You could give them ducktape too to help them. Scissors or a yardstick is also a good tool to let them use
Sudoku Sudoku You can use a
sudoku generator

to create a page with some (easy) sudokus on. Let the team choose a victem and let them complete the sudokus as fast as they can.

Your own World Record   Chose a (safe) world record that you'll try to attempt with the players, like putting as many clothespins on your face as possible. Let the players bid against each other, he who beds most may try it for the points!