Free Quiz nr 2

Free Quiz nr 2, ready to print!

Audience: This quiz I made for the birthday party of my father in law

1) What is the fastest time somebody ever sorted a deck of carts (Ace to king)
a) 14,35 sec
b) 40,36 sec
c) 2 min 10 sec
d) 25 min 8sec
The correct answer is: b) 40,36secKunihiko Terada (Japan) sorted a deck of cards in 40,36 seconds in the hard rock cafe in Tokyo, Japan 25, 2004

2) What is the largest number of bowling balls ever stacked ?


The correct answer is c)10

David Kremer of Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA November 19,1998

and now its time to test your knowledge about chickens!

3) Which statement is wrong?
a) an egg has more egg white then egg yoke ?
b) an egg without its shell is more subject to infections (Sometimes you have these eggs without shell because the chicken didn't have enough chalk in its food, its still an egg, but just in its membrane)
c) a chicken always lays its egg in the morning
d) if a chicken has white ears,it will lay white eggs

The correct answer is: c) a chicken always lays her egg in the morning

4) What percentage of the pullets are cocks ?




d) something else

The correct answer is



5) When pullets moan , it is because..

a) they are hungry
b) it's to cold
c) it's to hot
d) they are thirsty

The correct answer is: b)it's to cold

6)How long does a chicken brood on her egg before it becomes a pullet?
The correct answer is: b)21days

7) What do yo better not feed chickens ?

a) Salad

b) Pear

c) Dandelion

d) Butter flower

The correct answer is: d) Butter flower (don't feed them to any animal, they're poison!)

8)What is right for every male chicken ?

a) it has 2 X chromosomes

b) it has a peak

c) it has tracks (spikes at their legs to attack with)

d) it crows

The correct answer is


a) it has 2 X chromosomes

The end of the chicken questions ;)

9) What was the size of the biggest snow man ever build?
a) 2m 10
b) 3m 20
c) 10m 06
d) 34m 36
e) 100m 23
The correct answer is: d)34m 36 centimeter
19feb 1999 Bethel (close to Oxford)

10) In which land is the average life expectation the lowest ?

a) Iraq

b) Mozambique

c) Andorra

d) <wherever you life>

The correct answer is


b) Mozambique

Iraq 67,81 Mozambique 31,3 Andorra 83,48


in Belgium it's 78,29)

11) In which year the airbag was invented ?
The correct answer is a)1973
In 1971 Ford build an experimental vehicle with airbag, and in 1973 General Motors tested it in a Chevrolet that was only used for cars of politicians. The 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado was the first car for public usage equipped with an airbag.

12) In what year did apple release the first pc for personal usage
c)1993 The correct answer is once again a) On april the first 1976 the first 'Apple I' computer was released by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The 'Apple I ' was the first single circuit board computer.

13) Which country has the highest tax per occupant
d)the Netherlands
The correct answer is b)Belgium
Belgium 55,6% Hungary 52,6 Germany 50,7 the Netherlands 42,3
The percentage of gross earnings given up in tax, including any social security contributions. Calculated for a single worker without children, earning 100% of the average wage. Data for 2001 and only for selected OECD countries

14) Where is Belgium in the list of richest countries ?

a) first

b) third

c) 13th

d) 17th

The correct answer is d)17th

15) Marion Donovan is called the mother of what?
a)her son
c)throw away diapers
d)silly little boxes where you can't put a thing in
e)something else

The correct answer is c)throw away diapers
Marion Donovan's first throw away diaper was made of a shower curtain. Later she found something absorbing to put into that. She couldn't sell her idea because people thought it would be to expensive. She then started a company on her own and a few years later she sold her company for a million dollars.

16) What did George Crum invent in 1853 in his restaurant in America ?
b)potato chips
c)hot water
d)silly little boxes where you can't put a thing in
The correct answer is b)potato chips
Customer Cornelius Vanderbilt was complaining his potato chips where to thick. George Crim then baked him really thin potato discs. The dish was called Saratoga Chips and became a real favorite. Chips only started to get really known worldwide when a mss Scudder started producing them 'en masse' in paper bags in 1926. Herman Lay started to produce Lay's chips, the first successful brand.

17) Pasta origins in which country?

a) Japan

b) Italy

c) China

d) Somewhere else

The correct answer is c)China

18) John Montague, the fourth duke of Sandwich (born 1718) was the man to whom the sandwich owns its name. He liked eating meat between toast.
Why did he do that ?
a)just because he liked it
b)because it is ridiculous to put a toast between two slices of meat
c)because he needed a free hand to play cards
d)because he needed his other hand for his glass of wine
e)something else
The correct answer is c) because he needed a free hand to play cards

19) What did NASA spaceship Voyager 1 on 4th of february 1990 after 12,5 year of flying ?
a) it returned to earth
b) was low on gas and stopped
c) took a picture of earth
d) exploded
The correct answer is c)took a picture of earth
The voyager 1 turned its camera back to the sun and the planets and took on 6,5 billion kilometers a picture of earth. That was good for the world record of most distant picture of the earth ever.


20) What was the biggest distance a fresh egg was dropped without the egg breaking ?
b) 1,2m
c) 5,3m
The correct answer is e)213m
The greatest height form which fresh eggs have been dropped to earth and remained intact is 213m (700ft)? This was achieved by David Donoghue from a helicopter on August 22, 1994. David threw the eggs onto a golf course in Blackpool, Lancashire UK. Getting the physics right is a vital part of the record. "You have to get the forward velocity equal to the downward velocity, then get the egg to land nearly perpendicular on a steep slope" says David.

21)What is the biggest attraction park in the world ?
a)*Bellewaerde (Belgium)
b)Euro Disney
d)Disney World
e)*Plopsa Land (Belgium)

* <feel free to replace these by local small attraction parks>
The correct answer is d)Disney World

22) What was the maximum speed the tsunami waves reached over the see on dec 26 2004 ?

The correct answer is c)800km/h
The waves slowed down to 100km/h when they went on land but where about 10m high. Estimated deaths 300.000.

23)What is the mostly watched tv series all over the world ?

a) Baywatch

b) Friends

c) <insert silly soap>

d) Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The correct answer is a)Baywatch

Baywatch is the mostly watched series all over the world. It has an estimated audience of over 1.1 billion watchers. It is shown in every continent except Antarctica and is translated into 44 languages. It was shown first in 1989 but cancelled after 1 season. Haselhoff then bought the rights and re showed the series in 1991.

24)What was in Britain the last series on television before World War 2 started ?

a)Charlie Chaplin

b)Mickey Mouse


d)something else

The correct answer is b)Mickey Mouse

In Britain, the start of world war 2 resulted in the termination of home television programs. A Mickey Mouse cartoon was the last program to be shown. The screen went blank an d no closing announcement was made.

25) Who is chosen to be the most irritating celebrity ?

a) Tom Cruise

b)Michael Jackson

c)<insert your name or name of somebody on the table here>

d) Kevin Spacey

The correct answer is a)Tom Cruise

26)How can bartenders save money on their cocktails according to 2 marketing investigators of the Cornell University and the Georgia Institute?
a) use higher glasses
b)use more ice
c)use glasses with thicker floors
d)use wider glasses
The correct answer is a) Use higher glasses
Who orders a gin-tonic or a whiskey on the rocks gets a bigger portion in a low broad glass than in a high small. Most people tend to poor up to a third more in low broad glasses. The 2 investigators asked 198 students and 86 bartenders to make mixed drinks. They had to make a standard portion of wodka-tonic, rhum and cola,whiskey on the rocks and gin-tonic in 2 types of glasses. A short and a high. Both types of glasses had the same volume (355 milliliter). The students pored up to a third more in the lowest glass and even then they still taught there was more in the high glass. Even experienced bartenders pored more than a fifth more in the lower glass.