Creating a fun quiz where everyone can win

Creating a fun quiz where everyone can win

Find a good source

You need questions for your quiz. So a good source would be nice.

You can find some free quizzes here but there is more.

I found the guinness book of records very useful as source. You can find the weirdest stuff there and make great questions out of it. There is also the singapore book of records . But there is more than record site. Check out this site about strange facts , I found it very useful.
Don't just copy paste, you should still create your question the right way and give it a personal touch to make it funny.

Example: Let's say we find on the guinness book of records that the record of highest bowling ball stack is 10. That's pretty amazing. We could formulate the question as:" What is the world record on stacking bowling balls?". Pretty dull question. Here we try to make the question more fun by providing multiple choice. For example: "The next question is a multiple choice question. In singapore some guys placed bowling balls on top of each other. The stack didn't fall for 1 minute and 29 seconds. My question to you is, how many balls were on that stack ? a)2 b)5 c)10 d)12 e)something else." People start laughing when they hear 2, that's the funny part, you'll always have some guy seeing an opportunity to make a joke or imitating the record breaker. I usually provide the e)something else option in my questions. This leaves room for somebody who hasn't got a clue, to make a joke with a funny answer. Of course, sometimes e is the correct answer :).

Be picky on what you use in your questions. Especially when using online quizzes on the internet as your source (even this one). When in doubt you don't have to throw the question away immediately. Instead ask yourself why you don't like it, it might just be badly formulated. Rephrase the the question, or try to change the clue. Changing the clue is a technique to completely change your question by changing the answer. Its not easy to find an example here but I'll try to make my point:
Say you saw an article on somebody who burned his house because he dropped his cigarette in bed when he fell asleep. You could ask the question "What did mr X do before he burned his house?" or "Mr X burned his house. How ?" with multiple choice. You might not be happy with the result so then you could try to rephrase your question to: "Mr X burned his house by dropping his cigarette in bed. The question is, how hot is the top of a burning cigarette?". This completely changes the focus of the question and might just save your question from the bin.
In the end, only use those questions you're happy about.

One big hint (which I forgot on my first quizzes) when making questions, is to keep the source somewhere. It is easy forgotten because you'll print out the pages and use them for your quiz (no use for an url there). Fact is that say a year later you want to reuse the quiz, you don't believe some of your own answers anymore and you want to read more (it happens) you won't be able to find the source back. Especially in the case of world records it's a good idea to check if the record was not broken ;). Of course you can play on safe by mentioning the year of the record in your questions.