PairFX : The free tournament pairing program for scholar chess and youth tournaments.

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The free pairing program for scholastic chess tournaments and youth tournaments. But also for round robin tournaments in the chess club
Available in Dutch, French , English and Spanish!

PairFX is a chess pairing program for youth tournaments in schools and chess clubs .

It is translated in Dutch, English, French and Spanish. note: If you want to translate PairFX in your own language, contact me!
It supports the organization of a so-called 'run through' tournament and also round robin tournaments.

PairFX is ideal to run tournaments at school. It is written especially for teachers who I know are most ly not computer experts.
It is already used all over the world (about 30 downloads a week) and only happy users.

Have you used PairFX succesfully ? Please let me know !
If you miss a feature, feel free to contact me !

I use PairFX in the chess club to when we do a tournament with the youth. So I eat my own dog food ;)

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This looks wonderful. I am sorry that it took me so long to post back regarding thi posting but I travel a great deal. I am a full time chess instructor and coach, specializing in teaching children/teenagers. so I look forward to field testing your program. Thank you so much for making this contribution!
On the facebook page:
Thank you! It worked wonderfully for chess club this afternoon. We have 90+ kids, and this is exactly the kind of program I have been needing! THANKS!!
This is awesome! I am a high school math teacher but this year I was able to get a new elective course, called "chess theory" approved. It's the first time our district has ever offered chess as an actual high school class. This program is just what I've been looking for. Have you thought about creating an app? (Didn't read through all of the comments, sorry if you've already answered this question) thanks again.
Are you a chess teacher at school, or organize a separate tournament at the club? Try PairFx!

Since version 2.0 PairFX also supports round robin tournaments.

You find more info about every feature in PairFX by clicking the corresponding link in the menu

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