2.0.3 (unreleased)
* changed export pairing cards to pdf instead of odt
* fixed the fact that you had to add the right extension to your export file. Now it automatically adds it. So when saving a pdf called 'foo' you just have to type in foo as name and .pdf is added automatically. Idem for all the other file types (html, txt , odt)

2.0.2 (unreleased)
* Added clear button to remove the result of an already played game.
* Added direct export to cards for scholar tournaments
* Added gamesInProgress and gamesInProgressLastRun as possible keys to template + adding a template for the cards
So that you can export the latest created pairings (gamesInProgressLastRun ) or all the game cards of the pairings without result (gamesInProgress )
Also: day,month,year,hour,min,sec

2.0.1 released
* exe instead of jar
* export to templates (openoffice) (tip: save to an .odt file)
* language chosing screen build in
* round robin tournament support