I will use this page to document the features that are not clear.

Run through tournaments

The tournament screen of a run through tournament looks like this.

  • The left column
  • This is the ranking AND the place to be to modify players . Just double click on a player to change his name, or put him on absent.

  • The column in the middle
  • These are the players that are NOT playing and are available for pairing.

  • The right column
  • These are the games. There are 3 colors.
    1. Green : The games with a result, these games are finished. There is a check box at the bottom called 'Show only ongoing games' to hide these games.
    2. Blue : These are the newly created games. So if you press the pair button, your new pairings will be in blue
    3 Black : These are the games in progress that do not fall under point 2. So these are just games in progress.