Run-Through tournament

Run Through tournament:
A run through tournament is not round based but game based, this means that those players who can play faster will be playing more games than those who play slower.
This is a very interesting idea.
The pairing algorithm sorts the players according to percentage or points (as you wish), and then tries from the bottom to the top to make pairings.
The important thing is that the players play as much as possible.
Where round based pairing algorithms come in handy when organizing club competitions and adults tournaments, PairFX run through tournaments prove to be better for youth tournaments.

How does it work?
Suppose you have 20 players, so 10 games. After 10 minutes, six players have finished playing and are doing nothing.
Instead of keeping themselves busy or disturbing the other games,you can get them to play chess immediately again with PairFX.

Is a chess player tired of playing, you do not need to pair him again (just put him absent). When a new player wants to join late, you just add him and your done.

PairFX takes into account 'color preference' as much as possible, alternating white and black for the players. Furthermore, players can play each other multiple times. But not in the last three rounds (you can adjust this!).

There are 2 parameters that influence the pairings. Those are:

a) the number of games 2 players may not meet before meeting again

b) the amount of points that can lay between them (maximum) to allow a pairing

This can also be the score percentage instead of number of points. That way you can quickely let a new player who plays very well but arrived late join on the top.

So if the message indicates that a pairing is not possible, then it is one of those reasons. Both parameters can be adjusted on the administrator screen if needed.

This tutorial video is from version 1.15, but is still valid for version 2.1: