Import from Excel

When you create a new tournament, you have the option to import the players from Excel.

If you have a whole lot of players , perhaps an export from a school database and you want to import
them directly in to PairFX you can do this. But you do have to follow some rules.

This was implemented as a special request for someone, so thats why it looks a little clumsy I know.
I am willing to clean this up but therefore I have to know people using it. Otherwise its low priority for me.

  • The first row in the file is skipped. It is considered the title
  • The first column is the id. This is a number.
  • The second column is skipped for now.
  • The third column contains the firstname and the lastname.
  • The format is like this: Say someone is called 'Van De Velde Jan' then everything to the last space is the lastname. So here 'Van De Velde' and the last part is considered the first name. Here 'Jan'.
    Here only column A and C are used!