Free Quiz nr 1

Free Quiz nr 1, ready for printing!

Audience: This is a quiz a made for the birthday of my friends of the chess club. (age 16 to 25)
In some questions you'll see <player>, replace this by a player's name at the table.
Under the answer you'll find some extra info you might tell the players if you feel like it.

1) The animal we are looking for is mostly associated with a cartoon. When it is threatened, is spreads a terrible odor. Which of these cartoons is the smelly one ?
a) Wile E. Coyote
b) Pink panther
c) Tasmanian devil
The correct answer is: c) Tasmanian DevilThe Tasmanian devil is a creature from Tasmania (Australia) who smell even more then the feet of <player>. You wouldn't want one as a pet!

2) If you don't like loud music, you sure didn't want to be in London on May 31, 1976. Because then this band set the record for the loudest concert ever recorded. Which band was that?

a)The Beatles
b)The Who
c)Black Sabbath

The correct answer is b)The Who

To be honest, this record has been broken a few times again after that, but Guinness stopped listing them because of people losing their hearing. The Who still holds the record, they played at 120 decibels. Is that much? yes it is. A normal conversation is 60 decibels, a subway train is 100. The threshold of pain is 120, and at 160 your eardrum will be punctured.

3) We all know <player> has big feet, but the biggest feet belong to Matthew McGrory (USA, b. 17 May 1973) of Pennsylvania, USA. I would like to know from you what his shoe size was ?
(Whoever is closest wins)

The correct answer is: 29½ US shoes (UK size 29, European size 63)

4) On August 27 1896 BRitain declared the war to the island of Zanzibar. At 9am British ships started bombing the island of Zanzibar.


How long did this war last ?


a) 45 minutes


b) 3 hours


c) 21 hours and is therefore called 'the blackjack war'

The correct answer is


a) 45 minutes

Shortest War
British ships bombed the island of Zanzibar at
9 am on August 27, 1896. At 9.45 am Zanzibar surrendered, after the shortest war in history. Germany and Britain had been engaged in territorial disputes over the small island of Zanzibar, off the east African coast, for several years. During the late 1880s and early 1890s, the island had gradually come under British control. Throughout this time the Sultan of Zanzibar obediently carried out British commands. When the Sultan died in 1896, however, his second son seized the throne and, with German support, he declared himself the new Sultan. The British feared their German rivals would come to dominate Zanzibar and so they ordered the new Sultan to retire - or face the consequences. The Sultan refused to withdraw his claim to the throne. Instead he assembled 2,500 Arab soldiers and hastily re-commissioned an ancient bronze cannon, which had not been fired in anger since 1658. The British began bombarding the small island from a fleet of warships anchored offshore. The sultan had no effective means of retaliation and surrendered 45 minutes later, after being granted asylum at the island's German consulate.

5) As we all know, strength in chess is expressed in elo points (a system a bit like the tennis ranking system, only better).To give you an idea, if you know how to play and think you're a bit good but you've never played in a club, then you're probably around 900. The Russian Grand master Gary Kasparov holds the record for highest rating in chess for male player. Take a guess how much elo points he has. Whoever is closest wins.

The correct answer is: 2851
Highest-Rated Male Chess Player
The highest rating in chess for a male player is 2,851, accomplished by Russia's Gary Kasparov in January 2000.

6)Don Athey (Ohio USA) holds the doubtful record of stacking golf balls without using any glue-like stuff, so just putting the balls on top of each other. How many balls did this guy stack ?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 5
d) 9
e) 11
The correct answer is: d) 9

7) What is the biggest distance a human canon bal ever flew (in meters)?

a) 3.01m
The correct answer is: d) 56.54
David Smith, 29 may 1998 Pennsylvania USA Speed 112 km/h, he has 8 children and 5 of them are also human canon balls

And now a few whatever questions...




is the weight of the heaviest international playing keeper




a)101 kg


b)126 kg


c)141 kg


d)312 kg

The correct answer is


c) 141 kg

England, Willie Henry "Fatty" Foulke was 1m90 and had a weight of 141kg (1874-1916)

9) What is largest number of goals scored in an international soccer game ever ?
(Note: You can do this multiple choice, but perhaps its even better to let the player guess and let the one who is closest win)
The correct answer is: c)31

10) What is the age of the oldest human ever ?
The correct answer is: d)122
Jeanne-Louise Calment (Arles, 21 februari 1875 - 4 augustus 1997) from France reached the blessed age of 122 and 164 days!

11) What is the best selling video game ever ?
a) Mario Bros
b) Pac Man
c) Tetris
d) <insert a silly pc game you know, otherwise 'something else'>
The correct answer is a)Mario Bros
Mario Brothers sold 40.23 million copies worldwide. 40% of the American people has this game at home.

12) What is the most spread computer virus ever ?
a) Melissa
b) I love you
c) Stinger
d) something else
The correct answer is b)I love you

13) What did John Logie Baird do on the third of july 1928 in his studio in Long Acre, London UK. ?


a) something else


b) building a clock


c) building the first bike


d) giving a demo with the first cell phone


e) demonstrating the first color tv transmission

The correct answer is e)demonstrating the first color tv transmission

14)When was the longest day on earth ?


a) huh ?


b) 11th of june, 2001


c) 3th of october 1628


d) today

The correct answer is d)today

Because of the movement of the water in the oceans (ebb and flood) influenced by the moon the rotation of the earth is slowing down (yes it is). Every 100 years a day lasts 0.02 seconds longer, so every day is a tiny tiny tiny little bit longer then the one before.

15) What is the highest speed ever reached on a skateboard ?
a)35 km/h

The correct answer is c)100km/h

16) Do dogs and cats have bellybuttons?






c)something else

The correct answer is a)yes (of course)

17)Which country produces the most eggs?






c) Indonesia


d) India

The correct answer is b)America
America produces 60 billion eggs a year (that's one hell of an omelet)

18) What is the top speed on a bike ?
d)268,831 km/h

The correct answer is d)268,831km/h

19) What is the second most common cause of death ?
a) falling
b) something else
c) snake bites
d) electrocution
e) allergies (sneeze yourself to death)
The correct answer is a)falling

20) Who am I ? I was a french farmers daughter and once I saw weird things in a cave
a)Joan of arc
b)Bernadette of Lourdes
d)Melanie Spice
e)Mother Theresa
The correct answer is b)Bernadette of Lourdes

21)Why do people have finger nails ?
a) for underwater breathing
b) to keep trolls away
c) something else
d) because without finger nails, fake fingernail salesmen would have a very hard time explaining what on earth they are trying to sell
The correct answer is c)something else

22) Why do people say 'cheese' when a picture is taken ?
a) only the toes know (= nobody knows)
b) its good luck
c) because your mouth is in a 'laugh' shape then
d) the photograph wants to grab your attention so that you would look into the camera
The correct answer is c) Because your mouth is in a 'laugh' shape then

Note I added some practical tests in between this quiz (so between two questions, spread them over the quiz):
math test,
cocktail test: I mixed blue Curacao , lemon juice ,whiskey and ice and the question was:
Which drink is not in this mix:
b)pi sang
d)lemon juice
The correct answer is:b)pisang (people often mistake blue Curacao for pisang because it looks the same)