Free Quizzes and tips for a fun night with friends and family!

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Welcome to !
If you are looking for a fun family quiz or tips for a fun night with friends ?
You want a high fun factor and a good laugh ?

You want to organize something but don't have time or inspiration ?
You just want a free printable quiz ?
Then you came to the right place, just look around for what you need, plenty of things to chose from!

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This site is about having a great time without too much preparation.
You'll find tips and ideas here to entertain your friends, have lots of fun and create
great memories while sitting in the couch or around the table with a glass of wine.

 What's so special then ?

What makes my quizzes special and different then others ? Good question ;) the answer is change. A quiz can be more then just one person asking questions and others answering them. You can let your players do so much more! After all, we're all friends together and everybody knows each other. So why not push the limits a bit further. Why not put little tasks in the quiz for players to solve every once in a while ? These types of quizzes are so much fun because the players never know what comes next! On moment they are answering questions with pen and paper, and the next they are holding an ice cube in their hand trying desperately to let it melt. Brrrrr...

What this is not...

This is not a site with online quizzes, neither a site where you can email quizzes to friends (that they'll never solve anyway). This is also not a site with 'real' quiz questions to play on club level. The target audience is regular non freaky people who would like to do something else after dinner than fall asleep :).
So the goal is that you create (or download) a document with entertaining questions that you can print and play offline with your friends or family and have a great time.


Where does this come from ?

I always like to entertain my friends so once I decided to organize a quiz.

Looking on the web I found very little on this topic. Yes, there are a lot of real quizzes online about everything, but I found them too much focused on the points (not fun) and not playable offline (not easily downloadable, printable or you have to click to much too see the answer). Plus I like to give things a personal touch.

Having some experience in this myself, I decided to bundle this and make it available for everyone.
After all, why not share the ideas in a structured way.
I've created quizzes for friends , for bachelor parties,house warming's, I even played with my mother and father in law and had a great evening. So go ahead and try it, you won't regret it, its fun and your friends will appreciate it.

If you have remarks or some quiz ideas of your own that you would like to share, don't hesitate to mail me . It is highly appreciated.